Zoom Z Swim- 3.8"

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Joining Zoom’s legendary family of soft plastic baits, the Zoom Z Swim Swimbait is an extremely versatile swimbait that is made from the super salty plastic that Zoom is famous for. Super effective whether you fish it by itself, on an umbrella rig, or even as a jig trailer, the Zoom Z Swim Swimbait features a paddle style tail and a ribbed body, which creates a seductive swimming action that attracts shad hungry bass. 

The super soft plastic of the Zoom Z Swim Swimbait also makes it great for year-round applications because it will maintain its suppleness in any water temperature and will not lose any action like other soft plastic swimbaits. Offered in a variety of bass catching colors, the Zoom Z Swim Swimbait is going to become a familiar sight in tackle boxes and rod lockers everywhere. 

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