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Zoom U Tale 6"

Zoom U Tale 6"

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Putting the “U” in undulation, the Zoom U Tail delivers an overwhelming level of both action and versatility. Constructed with a thin, ribbed body, the Zoom U Tail features a U-shaped backside that flaps and flickers with minimal movement.

Possibly one of the best all-around worms on the market, the Zoom U Tail is applicable to a wide-range of finesse tactics, like shakey heads, Texas-rigs, and split shots. Poured with the ideal amount of salt, the Zoom U Tail is a proven bass-catcher anywhere that fish swim, whether you’re fishing a backyard pond or a big lake for big money.

Size = 6 ¾ inches
Mid-size worm
Solid-bodied worm with “U”-shaped tail

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