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Talon Custom Lures

Talon Custom Lures Ted's Magnum Preacher Jig®

Talon Custom Lures Ted's Magnum Preacher Jig®

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Talon developed the Ted’s Magnum Preacher Jig® to handle today’s heavier tackle and faster reel speeds. It has the same natural, flowing hair combination but boasts heavier sizes built around thier own custom Mustad 30° Heavy Wire Black Nickel hooks – 5/8oz and 3/4oz sizes sport a big 6/0 hook, and the 1oz size sports a massive 7/0 hook. The Ted’s Magnum Preacher Jig® is the toughest, baddest hair jig out there and will hold up to about anything you can throw at it.

At Talon they continue to be very secretive about the hair they use in addition to their premium bucktail in their Preacher Jigs®, however they guarantee that it is 100% soft natural hair with its own seductive, flowing action that can’t be achieved with synthetic or any other hair. It is expensive, difficult to source, and is harvested in a sustainable, cruelty free manner.

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