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Talon Custom Lures

Talon Custom Lures Shindou Bladed Jig Cagles Rayburn

Talon Custom Lures Shindou Bladed Jig Cagles Rayburn

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Vibration is the name of the game with Talon's Shindou Bladed Swim Jig with custom tuning that creates a "hunting" action that triggers strikes. The blade does not strike the head for a completely different, and more stealthy, presentation than other bladed jigs. Built on a 5/0 Straight Shank Mustad Heavy Black Nickel Hook with a custom SuperStainless wire extension. The Talon V-Claw™ Baitkeeper keeps trailers extra secure without tearing. Realistic gill plates and eye sockets with gel filled 3-D eyes give the head a realistic presentation. Each head is hand painted with custom combinations of color shifting pigments that add to the attraction. And, Talon’s proprietary paint finish system is the toughest on the market for maximum durability.

At Talon they take their skirts seriously. Each custom skirt is meticulously hand tied with up to 9 different colors of premium silicone and then copper wire tied to the bait. After all, if you’re paying for a skirted jig they believe the skirt should stay where it belongs no matter how many fish you catch on it. 

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