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Talon Custom Lures

Talon Custom Lures Football Jig

Talon Custom Lures Football Jig

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TALON Custom Football Jigs are the tournament winning favorite for over 20 years on lakes across the country. Developed on Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn, Lake Fork, Truman Lake and Lake Of The Ozarks, Talon Custom Football Jigs are simply the most effective football jigs you'll ever fish.
Built around our stout Mustad Ultrapoint Black Nickel Hook with horizontal line tie, we've angled the hook to deliver maximum power directly to the hook point for quick penetration. Weight of the fish is then transferred to the center of the round bend of the hook - away from the tip - making hooksets more secure for fewer thrown baits.
Talon's custom head is designed to create maximum commotion when probing structure and features a molded barb to keep trailers in place. Their proprietary Intellicoat Lure Coating covers the head with the most durable lure finish ever invented.
Talon takes their skirts seriously. Each custom skirt is meticulously hand tied with up to 9 different colors of premium silicone and then copper wire tied to the bait. After all, if you’re paying for a skirted jig they believe the skirt should stay where it belongs no matter how many fish you catch on it.

Molded Bait Keeper Barb Copper wire wrapped skirts with rattle bands for optional rattles

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