Strike King The Chick Magnet Flatsided Crankbait

  • $7.49
  • Save $2.50

Very few people understand the intricacies of a flat side crankbait as well as legendary tournament angler Andy Morgan.  In partnering with Andy on this project, we were able to capture the most critical aspects that make a homemade flat side crankbait special and integtrate them into the design of the all-new Chick Magnet. The size, shape, weight, components, and ultimately the action, were all painstakingly tested. It wasn't until Andy signed off on it as "perfect" that we brought it to market. The flat side allows for incredible thump while minting a tight action. The circuit board lip allows it to reach the perfect depth and deflect off of cover to draw reaction bites. Throw one for yourself and you'll see why we call it the Chick Magnet - it attracts the BIG girls

Dives:  3'-5'
Weight: 7/16 oz

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