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Strike King

Strike King 6XD Hard Knock

Strike King 6XD Hard Knock

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2018 FLW Angler of the Year and 22-year veteran of professional fishing, Mark Rose has relied heav-ily on the 6XD throughout his career. “The 6XD is the best deep diving crankbait on the planet,” pronounces Rose. “It is my go-to bait all over the country.” Rose credits the unique design of the 6XD that sets it apart from other diving crank-baits. “The 6XD simply has features that no other crankbait has,” Rose says, noting the curvature of the 6XD’s bill and streamlined body shape. “It gets down quickly to maximum depth. And when it gets down there, the action is like no other.” 

Dives: 19'+
Weight: 1 oz

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