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SPRO Zero Swimmer 100 Wakebait-4 in. -

SPRO Zero Swimmer 100 Wakebait-4 in. -

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Bolster your topwater lineup with the SPRO Zero Swimmer 100 a double-jointed wakebait emitting a loud one-knock rattle that’s sure to get the attention of any nearby bass. Dialed in for a side-to-side rolling action near the water’s surface, the Zero Swimmer 100 creates a hard tail slapping motion when worked with a steady retrieve. Able to be burned quickly across the top or slowly retrieved to match what action the fish prefer, the Zero Swimmer is fully equipped to rip some lips with sticky-sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks that deliver lightning-quick hook penetration. Available in multiple fish-catching color options for matching natural forage, the SPRO Zero Swimmer 100 will let you cover tons of water to get that topwater blowup you've been dreaming of.

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