River2Sea Biggie

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Ish Monroe’s Biggie is a squarebill crankbait that’s anything but square.
This is a fast floating, rattling bait. Designed to run dive three to five feet deep, and is strapped with the right weapons for any battle. Poppa features River2Sea’s short shank size 2 trebles while Smalls carries size 4 short shank trebles. Colors hand–picked by Ish to catch fish in any type of water across the country.

Biggie – your baits hypnotize me!

Biggie-Smalls 5/16oz    River2sea short Shank Treble #4      Floating 2 – 4 ft
Biggie-Poppa 9/16oz    River2sea short Shank Treble #2      Floating 3 – 5 ft

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