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Rapala DT (Dives to)

Rapala DT (Dives to)

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The Rapala DT 8 Crankbait is yet another addition to Rapala's DT series. DT series crankbaits were designed to dive quickly to a preset depth and then stay in the strike zone longer than other crankbaits. The DT 8 crankbait dives to 8' depths. he balsa wood construction is combined with carefully placed internal weights, a tapered fuselage, and a thin tail design for the ultimate crankbait action. An ultra-thin polycarbonate lip gets the bait quickly to it's preset 8' depth. The body creates a side-to-side action that fish can't resist. The construction and weight also allow for super long casts, easily reaching 150 feet. Those long casts keep the bait in the strike zone longer as you retrieve it. An internal baritone rattle is specially tuned for maximum sound performance, adding to it's irresistibility. Each crankbait also comes equipped with premium super-sharp VMC black nickel hooks. With a huge array of premium finishes, the Rapala DT 8 Crankbait is the ideal crankbait when you are targeting 8' depths!

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