Profound Outdoors Swampers Timmy Horton Roll Call Buzzbait 3/4 oz

  • $8.99

Tired of throwing a  buzzbait with the slightest of wind and spending the next 5 minutes digging out the birdnest? Profound Prostaffer and Major League Fishing Pro Timmy Horton has solved that problem with the all new  3/4 oz Roll Call. The Roll Call is designed like no other when you put all of its components together. First, the 3/4 oz head makes for a heavier weighted buzzbait to compensate for the blade which normally causes the bait to catch air and create backlashes. The head has a design that allows the bait to ride up on the surface, much like a water Skier, allowing you to slow down your retrieve for finicky bass. There are two hand tied skirts with the back skirt interchangeable and with the unique hook system designed by our team, there is no need for a Trailer Hook !! When Tim goes looking for the Big Ones, he goes to the Roll Call.

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