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Pitbull Tackle

Pitbull Tackle Split Ring Pliers

Pitbull Tackle Split Ring Pliers

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The Pitbull Tackle Split Ring Pliers are a practical approach to a heavy duty split ring plier. Designed with functionality and user comfort in mind, Pitbull Tackle set out to improve the typical design of a split ring plier and give it better functionality.

What sets these pliers apart from the rest is a double lock head design. This feature holds the split ring firmly in place and does not allow it to slip out of the pliers grip. Traditionally a split ring plier when closed will hold the split ring in place, however the split ring can rotate up and down within the pliers grip. The double lock design on the Pitbull Tackle Split Ring Plier grabs and holds split rings in place, keeping them perpendicular to the pliers at all times. This ensures a steady and consistent angle every time, allowing for easier placement or removal of hooks and lures. Once in your hand you can feel the pliers open and lock in the split rings with ease.

Pitbull Tackle also wanted to give the user an improvement on traditional thinner handles and longer bulkier designs. The handle was made thicker, designed to naturally fit into the palm of your hand. Next, a non-slip material was chosen to give the user superb grip, and a bright color choice was chosen to make the pliers easily visible to the user. These pliers are lightweight and can easily fit in your pocket or tool holder, yet are constructed with corrosion resistant stainless steel to give the user both durability and functionality.

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