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NPDBCTZXR/FXR Battery Compartment Tray

NPDBCTZXR/FXR Battery Compartment Tray

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Make the most out of the space in you Skeeter boat now! This lightweight battery compartment is the best way to optimize your storage area and maximize your boating experience. Made out of 1/8" ABS plastic, this is light, durable and very efficient. This is an excellent option for storing tools, fuel additives, cables and much more. We can think of 1000 reasons for you to own one of these, but it's for all the reason's we CAN'T think of that you should buy yours today. 

AMPD Marine: Have you been AMPD?

2020-C Skeeter FXR20/21 Battery Compartment Tray

 100% Made in the USA  

Designed in America and built by workers right here in the United States. Take pride in your purchase knowing that you're supporting US families and jobs.

Patent Pending

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