Nories Switch On Trailer-

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A compact soft plastic jig finesse trailer built for power finesse applications, the Nories Switch On Trailer features a thick yet short body design that sends moderate water-pushing waves into the water column to attract finicky fish. Poured with weighted soft plastic material for improved casting performance, the Switch On Trailer has five total appendages throughout the body that strongly emphasize their presence and appeal to fish with individual actions.

Infused with Nories’ exclusive scent and flavor formula to make fish bite and hold on longer, the large front arms of the Switch On Trailer also help slow it down in flight for increased accuracy when casting around cover. A pro-select lure for Elite Series angler Takumi Ito, the Nories Switch On Trailer provides versatility with its unique ability to become a sinking ‘bug-lure’ when you cut the tail part off and Texas-rig it backwards using a small finesse wide gap hook.

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