Nories Latterie-5 1/4"-

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Designed in collaboration with Bassmaster Elite Series pro and finesse fishing master, Taku Ito, the Nories Latterie Neko Rig Worm is Taku’s go-to worm for multiple finesse applications. Featuring a tapered straight tail design with micro ribbing that runs the entire length of the body, the Nories Latterie Neko Rig Worm produces a very fine vibration and quivering action as it sinks through the water that entices even the wariest of bass to bite. Anglers can also fish it along the bottom and it will continue to produce action even while at rest, which is crucial for triggering pressured bass into biting.

The tapered body shape of the Nories Latterie Neko Rig Worm makes it ideal for Neko rigging with a small nail weight in the head. But it is also highly effective when rigged on a small jighead, drop shot, or wacky rig. Infused with Nories encapsulated taste and scent formula for longer bites and stronger hook ups, the Nories Latterie Neko Rig Worm is a deadly finesse worm that Taku Ito relies on when fishing at the highest level of competition against the best anglers in the world.

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