Nories Lady Balance-5.8"-

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A pin-tailed stick minnow designed for use as a vibrating jig trailer, the Nories Lady Balance Vibrating Jig Trailer 5.8” provides a large profile to pique interest with subtle action from its unique side fins that mimic the natural movements of a baitfish. Poured with weighted soft plastic material and infused with a powerful scent and flavor formula, each lure comes in at 3/8oz in weight to help the body retain a horizontal posture and resist lifting during a fast retrieve.

Suitable for a variety of presentations, the weighted body of the Lady Balance also makes it great for use as a soft jerkbait or buzzbait trailer and for weightless applications. Featuring a slit along the back to conceal the hook point and serve as a guide for perfectly straight rigging, the Nories Lady Balance Vibrating Jig Trailer has a lowered nose for superior plastic retention when using an offset hook.

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