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Nories Hulabug-

Nories Hulabug-

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Nories HULABUG is a soft bait specially designed as a trailer for HULACHAT and other bladed jigs.  Its volume creates an ideal swim posture, and its body ribs grab a moderate amount of water to help control the range of the bladed jig.  The exquisite volume balance also prevents the bladed jig from getting caught in the water without interfering with its fluttering action.  A pair of arms on each side and an elongated tail with a neck amplify the vibration generated by the bladed jig.  The material used is a tense yet flexible non-salt material that smoothly transmits the vibration of the bladed jig.  It produces extremely bait-like and natural vibrations.  This is the ultimate trailer bait, packed with all the gimmicks required for a bladed jig trailer.

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