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Missile Jigs

Missile Jigs-Ike's Monster Jig-

Missile Jigs-Ike's Monster Jig-

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Featuring an enormous profile that makes it the ultimate “swimbait of jigs”, the Missile Jigs Ike's Monster Jig is a custom jig designed to the specifications of BASS Elite Series angler Mike Iaconelli for locating giant bass. Built with an all-purpose, balanced, and snag-resistant head design, the perfectly angled weed guard allows you to pick apart the densest cover with confidence, and a custom 10/0 VMC jig hook covered in super slick P.T.F.E. coating ensures rapid hook penetration.

The super spike wire trailer keeper lets you pair your favorite soft plastic trailer to give your monster jig the complete package to match natural forage such as big crawfish, bluegill, trout, hitch, or gizzard shad. Built to flip, pitch, skip, or swim through the heaviest cover in the lake, predator fish won’t be able to resist when this uniquely large presentation comes through their habitat. Whether you’re targeting big fish for fun or looking for that kicker bite in a tournament, the Missile Jigs Ike's Monster Jig is a phenomenal addition to any big bait arsenal that gives anglers an edge when targeting monster bass.

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