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Missile Baits

Missile Hover Jig Head Unpainted -

Missile Hover Jig Head Unpainted -

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Developed by renowned Bassmaster Elite Series angler, John Crews, the Missile Baits Hover Jig Head creates an enticing mid-strolling presentation for suspended bass whether you're blind casting or using forward-facing sonar. Featuring a unique design that resembles a torpedo, the Hover Jig Head is designed to effortlessly pair with soft baits like the acclaimed Missile Spunk Shad. Engineered with a Gamakatsu 90-degree jig hook, it ensures superior hook-setting power even when hefty bucket-mouths chomp-down. The lead molded around the shank of the hook is poured in a one-of-a-kind inverse missile-shaped weight that doubles as a plastic keeper with its clever design. Not to mention, the innovative small hole at the head of the jig will allow an even more secure hold on your plastic after inserting a toothpick or piece of fiber weedguard. Perfect for mid-strolling techniques, the Missile Baits Hover Jig Head guarantees unparalleled performance on the water, empowering anglers to reach the next level of success in their bass fishing journey.

Includes: 2 toothpicks for rigging

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