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Missile Baits

Missile Bomba

Missile Bomba

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A powerful compromise between finesse and power fishing, the Missile Baits Bomba Worm is the perfect asset for targeting your water’s biggest bass with either spinning or baitcasting gear. The Bomba Worm features a short, thick, craw body worm profile that tapers in the middle for an erratic fall. The body is also enhanced with 3D detailing, air-trapping holes, and a deep hook channel for easy, weedless rigging and reliably optimized hook sets.

An exciting new addition to the heavy stick bait market, the Missile Baits Bomba Worm relies on its bulky, dense body to encourage ultra-long casts and the ability to target nearly the entire water column with a weightless platform. Not only does the Bomba Worm have the ability to cast into the next zip code, but it also skips with incredible efficiency to better reach big bass holed up under docks and overhangs. Combining a seductive gliding, rocking motion with exceptional castability and a tempting profile, the Missile Baits Bomba Worm will keep your rod bent as you cover water faster than ever before!

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