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Megabass Vision Oneten Jr. GP Stain Reaction

Megabass Vision Oneten Jr. GP Stain Reaction

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Bringing a snack-sized, irresistible darting action to new depths, the Megabass Vision 110+1 Jr. Jerkbait adds yet another dimension to the legendary vision oneten lineup. The Vision 110+1 Jr. is tuned to match the running depth and suspension behaviors as the 110+1, but is offered in a more compact size for those looking to downsize their profile. The Vision 110+1 Jr. aims to match smaller forage at depths around the 7 ft. range. Anglers will find this smaller presentation to entice pre-spawn bass that may hesitate to commit to a larger variation of Vision Oneten, and will be a sure-fire hit with cold water smallmouth anglers or anyone targeting suspended fish. Despite its smaller stature, the Vision 110+1 Jr. retains all the unique features and details as its larger sibling, such as the Multiway Moving Balancer System for superior casting distance, hand painted artisan finishes, sticky-sharp treble hooks, and of course, that dynamic twitching action that keeps both the anglers and the fish always coming back for more.

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