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Fishlife Fin Clips- 3 pk.

Fishlife Fin Clips- 3 pk.

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All tournament anglers know that sinking feeling you get when you open up your livewell to discover the white underside of your catch staring you straight in the face, which is why Fish Life has developed the Fishlife Fin Clips. Designed as an alternative to fizzing, the Fishlife Fin Clips gently attach to the anal and pelvic fins of fish to keep them upright, allowing their swim bladder to deflate naturally. 

Built using a flex chain, the Fishlife Fin Clips absorb shock in rough water, lessening the chance of damage to the fish’s fins. Reducing stress on your fish, the Fishlife Fin Clips minimize mortality due to energy depletion and prevents costly dead fish penalties. Delivering peace-of-mind on the water, the Fishlife Fin Clips provide a fish-friendly alternative to fizzing that will come in handy in tournament scenarios. Try using the Fishlife Fin Clips First. When you get ready to cull the fish or bag them for weigh in and they still rollover, then use the Fishlife Fizz Needles. Tournament Developed – Tournament Tested – Tournament Proven!

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