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Ever Green

Evergreen Loudbuzz Buzzbait 3/8 oz

Evergreen Loudbuzz Buzzbait 3/8 oz

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Complete with a custom offset aluminum prop, stainless steel shaft and an aluminum rivet for maximum durability. Maximizes noise and commotion through the water, drawing in fish from a distance.

FeaturesCustom Shaped Head

A keel and side wing shaped head that prevents quick lifting and sideways and supports a stable swim.

Lure Keeper

A high-strength 1.0mm wire keeper that is easy to pierce the trailer and has excellent holding power. Arranged upward so that weeds and dust are not easily caught.


Uses a large diameter 1.3 mm wire that does not easily deform even when used roughly around the cover.


Power angle design to bring to hooking with high probability without power loss. By adopting a thick shaft hook, it supports rough use around the cover and big fish.

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