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Eco Pro Tungsten

Eco Pro Tungsten Ball Jig

Eco Pro Tungsten Ball Jig

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Whether you are fishing rocky, clear water impoundments, flipping into heavy cover, or skipping docks, the Eco Pro Tungsten Ball Jig’s smaller narrower profile provides a very natural presentation that can also slip in and out of small pockets and skip very well.

The Eco Pro Tungsten Ball Jig’s 97% tungsten composition makes it even more compact than comparable lead ball heads, and the increased density of tungsten also better transmits changes in bottom composition and subtle bites. Tungsten is environmentally friendly as well, helping to preserve our fisheries for years to come. Equipped with a super sharp light wire hook for lightning fast penetration, the Eco Pro Tungsten Ball Jig is available in multiple colors and also features molded in skirt and bait keepers to help you craft your own custom ball head jig creations.

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