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Black Label Tackle

Black Label Crankbait- B.L. 1.5/

Black Label Crankbait- B.L. 1.5/

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Referred to as the 4-wheel drive of the cranking world, The Black Label Tackle  1.5 Squarebill will smash through cover such as stumps, brush and laydowns where the Big ‘Uns live. Featuring a tapered body for a more rapid and vibrating action and equipped with two Mustad black nickel EWG trebles. Balsa wood baits have long been known for their lively, natural action in the water and their extreme buoyancy that the pros turn to around pressured and finicky fish. When you want to give those fish a different look, the Black Label Tackle 1.5 Squarebill Balsa Crankbait is the perfect choice.

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