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BBT Innovations Retrax Sunglasse Retainer

BBT Innovations Retrax Sunglasse Retainer

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 RETRAX is unlike any other eyewear retainer on the market.
Stiff wires behind your head can be irritating when trying to wear a hoodie, neck gator, heavy coat, or simply sitting in your chair or car, they simply don’t work! 
No more constantly readjusting your eyewear like with fabric retainers, no more uncomfortable wires pushing your glasses off of your face. 
With RETRAX, you simply secure the retention cups to your eyewear or sunglasses and RETRAX automatically secures to the back of your head. 
When removing your glasses, simply slide them down just below your chin and immediately, RETRAX will sung them up comfortably to your neck. 
RETRAX has a corrosion resistant spring and is salt water friendly. 
When wearing RETRAX, you won’t even know the retainer is there.
Available in a locking and standard (non-locking) model.
RETRAX is winding the way into the future.

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