Bill Lewis STUTTERSTEP 5.0

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Lenth 5"
Weight: 1oz

If you think you (and the bass) have seen it all in topwater baits, then meet the Bill Lewis® StutterStep™. This odd-looking lure has moves no one has ever seen before—3 separate all-new swimming styles, in fact. This unique bait can be worked 3 distinct ways. The bait's name comes from its tendency to cut at a sharp 90Á angle when walked, rather than veering forward. This allows you to work the bait almost in place, stuttering back and forth next to cover, a step at a time. Think you can enrage a bass with that? The StutterStep can also be raucously "wobble-waked" on the surface with a slow-to-medium, buzz-bait style retrieve; or it can be "tail-wagged" on a quicker, steady retrieve that incorporates light twitches of your rod tip. It's a rhythmic, mesmerizing whole-body lure that really brings the local bass population out for a closer look.

The StutterStep has gotten rave reviews from pros, Boyd Duckett and Mark Daniels Jr., after testing at Sam Rayburn Reservoir. Its design comes from Zimbabwe; in fact, it's used there to take tiger fish, which are like stripers on steroids fitted with a maw full of pointy teeth that are twice the size of ours. Suffice it to say, this is one tough lure; and it's all about triggering violent strikes. Bill Lewis recommends fishing with the StutterStep, at minimum, on a 7' medium-action rod with 35-65 lb. braid.

Bottom line: if you're looking to fish with a revolutionary, category-redefining topwater bait, you'll definitely want to give this unusual bait a try!

  • Revolutionary look and action
  • Does not resemble any other topwater lure
  • Originally developed in Africa
  • 3 different swimming actions and retrieve styles
  • 90Á "stutterstepping"/walk-the-dog in place
  • Raucously "wobble-wake" the surface/slow-to-medium retrieve
  • "Tail-wag" at a quicker pace with light rod twitches
  • Extra-tough construction

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