Fish 4 Jamey Sign Up

All participants must comply with all the following rules to be eligible for the receipt of a prize:

  1. Largemouth, Spotted, and Redeye Bass will be the ONLY eligible fish for the tournament competition.
  2. All fish must be at least 12" in length.
  3. 5 fish limit per boat (this includes small fish).
  4. Any dead fish weighed in will result in a 1/2lbs penalty to the total weight. The tournament directors are the only persons who will decide on bass viability.
  5. All areas accessible to boats will be within tournament boundaries. No Jet Boats Allowed.
  6. Teams will consist of two (2) anglers per boat fishing as partners.
  7. All participants must depart from the Gadsden (Coosa Landing) Boat Dock, and return to the same location at weigh-ins.
  8. All tournament fishermen are required to wear a life preserver at all times when the motor is running.
  9. All rules and regulations of the Alabama Marine Police will be observed.
  10. Fishing and boating licenses are the responsibility of team members.
  11. No trolling, live bait, or wading allowed. Only artificial bait may be used.
  12. Any disorderly conduct will be reason for automatic tournament disqualification.
  13. Tournament hours are from SAFE LIGHT to 2:00PM CST Saturday November 6, 2021. Hours may be adjusted by tournament directors as needed.
  14. During tournament, all fishing must be done from your boat.
  15. Once the fish are turned in at the weigh station, no one other than the judges will handle the fish until conclusion of the tournament. All live fish will be returned to Neely Henry Lake on the Coosa River. No exception.
  16. Any tournament protest must be made in writing to tournament officials within 20 minutes after weigh-in.
  17. In all instances and circumstance, the decision of the tournament judges will be final.
  18. Fishing the Coosa Landing Shoreline between the Broad Street bridge and the railroad bridge is prohibited.
  19. Anglers are responsible for checking with Buck’s Island and the Tournament Directors for last minute rules and information.

You can download the flyer and registration form HERE.

*All registration fees are considered a non-refundable donation

*Anglers may sign up morning of the Fish 4 Jamey event by 5:15AM

By submitting this form the angler and co-angler agree to not hold Marine One Corporation, Buck’s Island, Coosa River Team Trail LLC, and Johnson’s Giant Foods, tournament directors/workers, or any of the tournament sponsors responsible for any injury or damage that may result from a careless or negligent act. In addition, attending parent or guardian of a youth participant is solely responsible for the acts of said participant during the tournament.

Make checks payable to Buck’s Island and mail with registration to Buck’s Island c/o Fish 4 Jamey 4500 HWY 77, Southside, AL 35907.

For more information, call 256-442-2588 or text 256-442-2588