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Baitfuel- Netbait T-MAC 6.5"

Baitfuel- Netbait T-MAC 6.5"

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A go-to when the bite gets tough, the NetBait BaitFuel T-Mac Worm is back and better than ever with the addition of BaitFuel. Offering a subtle finesse presentation and injected with BaitFuel’s powerful X55 Formula, the T-Mac Worm is highly effective when fished with a variety of finesse techniques like a shaky head, wacky rig, or a floating worm. The ribbed body features a flat bottom and rounded back with a bulbous tail for an appetizing action bass can’t resist. The T-Mac is also soft enough to keep fish holding on yet durable for multiple fish.

Revolutionized with the addition of BaitFuel, the NetBait BaitFuel T-Mac Worm is packed with compounds found in the prey of most predatory fish, enhancing potency with a more natural taste. Upping the ante on attraction, the NetBait BaitFuel T-Mac Worm takes the proven effectiveness of the original to new heights with the implementation of cutting-edge scent technology.

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