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Baitfuel- Paca Chunk 3"

Baitfuel- Paca Chunk 3"

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The NetBait BaitFuel Paca Chunk combines the action of its patented claws with the powerful scent technology of BaitFuel to deliver the ideal combination of action and attraction. Great when rigged on a jig head or back of a ballhead, its claws slow the descent with a parachuting effect, fluttering even at slow speeds. When at rest, it sits at a 45 degree angle to imitate the defensive posture of a crawfish. Perfect for pairing with the Netbait Paca Bug Football Jig, the Paca Chunk’s solid body helps it stay securely locked in place.

BaitFuel’s Fish Active Scent Technology provokes predatory aggression that urges fish to bite and hold on longer. BaitFuel uses water-based technology and disperses in water, not in the air with F.A.S.T. Fish Active Scent Technology to widen the strike zone. A jig trailer for every situation riggable in many ways, the new NetBait BaitFuel Paca Chunk combines time-proven flutter with integrated BaitFuel technology to deliver a highly attractive presentation.

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